My PGP key fingerprint is 427E 0329 39DB 40F2 9D03 D80F 5B64 0B9F 9600 F122

To receive my PGP key, either run

$ gpg --keyserver --recv-key 9600F122


$ curl | gpg --import

I am also philihp on Keybase, and if you have their CLI client, you can follow and pull my key with

keybase follow philihp
keybase pgp pull


I live in San Francisco and will totally sign your key. Then anyone who trusts my key will also trust your key, and anyone who you trust will also be trusted by them like a pyramid scheme of trust.

Signing your key will attest that:

  • You are known to me by the identity on your UID
  • I have verified you are the ower of the email on your UID
  • If your key has a photo (recommended no more than 6kb, 240×288) as you.
gpg --ask-cert-level \
    --ask-cert-expire \
    --expert \
    --sig-keyserver-url hkps:// \
    --sig-policy-url '' \
    --sign-key FINGERPRINT

gpg --export FINGERPRINT | \
  gpg --armor --encrypt --recipient FINGERPRINT \
  > FINGERPRINT-signedBy-9600F122.asc

I will then send this file to your email to verify that you have access to it. You can then import this file with

gpg --import FINGERPRINT-signedBy-9600F122.asc

You can then send your key signature up to the cloud, if you choose.


I will only issue cert levels of level 0x10 (Generic certification), for the points listed here: gpg --ask-cert-level considered harmful.

My signature will be indefinite if your key expires in less than 2 years.