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Redirecting with mod_rewrite without breaking OpenID

On philihp.com, I redirect the root address philihp.com to philihp.com/blog. I do this with mod_rewrite, since it’s much faster to do an HTTP Location header based redirect than to use an HTML meta tag redirect. I encountered a problem with this, though. I want to be able to authenticate with the identifier “philihp.com”. Not “openid.philihp.com”, […]

.htaccess mod_rewrite Redirect Root / path to /blog directory

I’ve just setup an HTTP Redirect from www.philihp.com to www.philihp.com/blog. This makes it so people don’t see my ugly project listing when they come here, they go right to the blog. I still wanted people to be able to go to the root path, though, because a lot of times whenever I put some small […]