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Relentless Boarding Parties

Aaron Dixon – Saul Paul Houlbrooke – Apollo Sean George – Tyrol* Chris Rabeler – Baltar Phil Busby – Roslin Ken Mather – Boomer* To shake things up this game, and keep people from picking characters they’ve been before, everyone picked the character for the person to their right going clockwise. Paul made Aaron be […]

Galactica’s Nine Lives

Aaron Dixon – Apollo Ken Mather – Adama (Obama) Chris Rabeler – Roslin* Sean George – Starbuck Philihp Busby – Helo* A mostly uneventful first jump for two distance. There were some narrow escapes with vipers, but nothing of note because just about every crisis pushed up the jump counter. One of the crises had […]

Chris is a bad human and Sean is a cylon once again!

Another great game of BSG! Again, this is mostly for myself to look back and remember the game, but there are probably some good tactics if any other BSG Board Game players are out there. Also we played Roborally before BSG, which is incredibly fun, very easy to learn, fast paced, and quick to play. […]