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New City, New Job, New Format

I have relocated to San Francisco, and I now work at Airbnb as a Software Engineer. Unfortunately, this blog will probably not see many more SAS-related posts until I can get my hands on a license. It will probably see a lot of new blog posts with newer, freer technologies. I’m learning a lot of […]


The second most annoying thing about Internet Explorer 9 is that if you type “localhost:7001/console” into the address bar, is that it thinks this is a search string and not a URL. It is, in fact, the address of the administration console of Weblogic running on the default port of the current machine. Instead of […]

NC Democrat Party refers to people as “Tea Baggers”

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. From: David Young, Chairman, NC Democrats <> Sent: Friday, September 18, 2009 9:46 AM Subject: Democrats Counter Tea Baggers Democratic strength continues to grow Democratic leaders from across the country met last week in Austin, TX for the Democratic […]

Second best Final Fantasy game now on PS3

This popped up in my RSS reader just now. Many people would get into a heated argument with me over what the best Final Fantasy game is, so I’ll just claim seven to be the second-best Final Fantasy game. Any fan of RPGs should play through this at least once, if only to understand why […]

World of Goo, 75% off this weekend!

This weekend only, World of Goo is 75% off on Steam. This is down from an already low $19.95 to a mere FIVE DOLLARS. This is your chance to join the morally elite who pay for the things they consume. Strange concept, I know. World of Goo is one of an increasingly few games to […]

FFXII Potion


First Post.