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Open a folder window from a cmd prompt in Windows

Easy way to open up a folder window while in a command line prompt. This opens a window to wherever you are, in case. C:>mkdir tempdir C:>cd tempdir C:tempdir>explorer . C:tempdir>

I made a GPS Locator for Myself

Euler’s Identity; e^(i*pi)=-1

I really don’t understand why this isn’t taught to every first year calculus class in the country. It’s so elegant, and complex, and beautiful. An imaginary number combined with an irrational number combined with natural logarithm hocus pocus equals an integer!

Mode 7, and How to Fake Depth in 2d

The term Mode 7 originated on the Super NES video game console, on which it describes a simple texture mapping graphics mode that allows a background layer to be rotated and scaled. By modifying the scaling and positioning of the layer on a scanline-by-scanline basis, a simple perspective effect can be applied, transforming the layer […]

ii – A True Minimalist’s IRC Client

ii is probably my favorite IRC client that I don’t use. It’s written in under 500 lines of C code, and IO is all done through file handles, which writing an IRC bot is as simple as scanning stdin and piping output to a file. ii is a minimalist FIFO and filesystem-based IRC client. It […]

Hello, Rule 30

Hello, Rule 30, didn’t expect to see you there! Thanks, Nature, for making the universe such an amazing place to live.

Tablesaw that Won’t Cut Fingers

This is one of the greatest inventions I’ve seen in a long time. Using a charge in the saw blade, if it detects capacitance from human flesh it immediately halts and retracts the spinning blade. When pushing wood through at any reasonable speed, it’s supposed to stop before the blade cuts any deeper than 1/16th […]

The Martini Shot

In film making and photography, the Martini shot is the last shot of the day. According to Dave Knox, it is named so because “the next shot is out of a glass”1. The second to last shot of the day is the Abby Singer shot. As an assistant director, near the end of a day […]

US State Adjacency Graph

This is pretty cool. From Keenan Pepper, an undirected graph showing each state’s adjacency to other states; excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Probably useful if you ever want to play Risk on a map of the United States.


When it comes to the environment and sustainability, your average hippie will want to live off the grid, farm their own food, and have a minimal if not zeroed carbon footprint. I find that throwing out any technological progress our civilization has made in the interest of the environment is wasteful. Technogaianism offers a much […]