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Friends in 2009

Lots of differences between now and last year. It’s interesting that now that I’m single, a good percentage of my 10 closest friends are also single. The age distribution is a lot wider now too, I expect this trend to continue as I am no longer meeting friends almost exclusively in school. Summary of Top […]

Tablesaw that Won’t Cut Fingers

This is one of the greatest inventions I’ve seen in a long time. Using a charge in the saw blade, if it detects capacitance from human flesh it immediately halts and retracts the spinning blade. When pushing wood through at any reasonable speed, it’s supposed to stop before the blade cuts any deeper than 1/16th […]


Make my computer beep. Go here:

US State Adjacency Graph

This is pretty cool. From Keenan Pepper, an undirected graph showing each state’s adjacency to other states; excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Probably useful if you ever want to play Risk on a map of the United States.

Friends in 2008

The girl at has been doing these since 2001. I figured I should start now, if I’m to get similarly cool graphs. Summary of Top 10 Closest Friends at End of 2008

Pop vs. Soda vs. Coke

It’s no surprise to me that the south calls it “coke”, and the yankees call it “soda”, and those crazy north midwesterners call it “pop” (haha!), but the interesting thing is there’s a large pocket of “soda” in Missouri. I wonder why that is?