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I’m a 28 year old programmer in Raleigh, NC, USA. I have a beagle, and I am married to Carlee Mallard Busby.

Here, I like to write entries about interesting things. Sometimes I write entries about cool stuff I’ve done. Often I like to write entries about obscure technical problems to which no one has bothered to publish the solution. While they may not have broad appeal to droves of people, I like to think it has saved a few programmers many hours of stress and made the world (if ever so slightly) a better, happier place. You might consider prefixing every programming-related entry with “DEAR PEOPLE OF THE FUTURE: I had that same problem! This is what I’ve figured out:”

I like to play board games too, mostly German ones. You can find me on BoardGameGeek.com. Lately, I’ve been into:

Radar marching around in his first snow.

Radar marching around in his first snow on 2009-01-20. Garbage cans for the city of Raleigh in the background, and my old Civic. The plate reads "PROC CAR", a SAS programming joke.

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