Weblabora, Sailing, and Portland

Hi friends. I’ve been learning a lot of things recently, but nothing cool enough to be worth an entire blog post of its own, so here they are.


I’ve been resurrecting Weblabora recently by abstracting out the game logic into a JAR and rewriting the front-end with more modern technology. The front-end is also open source on Github and will be hosted at Kennerspiel.com. Not much to see right now, but I am making slow and steady progress. The idea, this time, is to make it so that more games can be added relatively easily.

A JAR of the game library is published to Maven repositories is the first JAR I’ve published under the com.philihp group http://maven-repository.com/artifact/com.philihp/weblabora.


Lately I’ve been learning how to sail. The other day in practicing man-over-board drills in a J/24 we spotted a watermelon floating in San Francisco Bay. We rescued it and ate it for lunch.



For the second half of 2015 I will be living in Portland, Oregon. That’s about all there is to say about that.

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