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The second most annoying thing about Internet Explorer 9 is that if you type “localhost:7001/console” into the address bar, is that it thinks this is a search string and not a URL. It is, in fact, the address of the administration console of Weblogic running on the default port of the current machine. Instead of […]

Using a SAS LIBNAME’s connection in Pass-through

New to SAS 9.3 is the ability of Proc SQL’s ability to reuse the database connection from a LIBNAME statement in a direct pass-through query. Ability to Reuse the LIBNAME Statement Database Connection The database connection that is established with the LIBNAME statement can be reused in the CONNECT statement. The keyword USING has been […]

Java for-each iterating with a Scanner

Usually you want to do something like this, with String.split(…) for(String unit : units.split(“,”)) { System.out.println(“unit: “+unit); } But if for some reason you need the functionality that Scanner affords, and although it’s probably not very readable, you can use an anonymous class to do it like this for (String unit : new Iterable() { […]