Monthly Archives: January 2012

New in Java 7: switch()ing on Strings

Finally, Java can switch on Strings! No more inefficient strings of if/else chains or Hash lookups or translation into Enums. Finally just clean readable and intuitive code. switch(suit) { case “club”: case “diamond”: trickValue = 20; break; case “heart”: case “spade”: trickValue = 30; break; case “no-trump”: trickValue = 40; break; } It’s actually just […]

SOPA Strike, January 18

On January 18, this website is going on strike. Your website can too, just put this into the header of your HTML:

How to Create an Empty SAS Dataset

If you were to do this in SAS to create an empty SAS dataset: data mytable; run; It would actually create a dataset with one row. The data step cycles through once, hits the end (run), outputs a row, then comes back and finds it has no more rows to process so it stops. To […]