Monthly Archives: September 2011

Servlet Filters mapped to JSPs in Tomcat

Servlet filters were introduced in the Servlet 2.3 spec a long time ago. They’re basically classes that you can add to any Java webapp that intercept every request and can do anything you can imagine (e.g., compress output, translate, handle authentication, the only limit is yourself). They’re added into the web.xml file where every webapp starts, […]

How to get the Last Day of a Month in SAS

SAS has a really neat function called intnx, which will increment a date to the next of an interval. For example, if you have a date (any date. maybe the current date?), you can get the date of the first day of the next month by doing this: data _null_; d = ’11JUN2011’d; format d […]

Maximum sizes of MySQL Blob Fields

This is not immediately obvious from the documentation(, which as it seems is often the case, was written for people who just like to read documentation, and not for people who are looking for answers). The maximum sizes of the MySQL Blob fields are as follows: Type What They Say It Needs That Means You Get […]