Monthly Archives: April 2011

CSS even/odd row selectors! Finally!

IE9 has been released, and it finally includes the “nth-child” pseudo-selector in CSS! In the past, this has been done on a server side, or with javascript. Now we finally have simple CSS rules for rows in tables that highlight every even or odd row, and it works in every browser without any hacks. tr:nth-child(odd) […]

Using SAS/OR to solve Sudoku puzzles

I just got back from SAS Global Forum 2011 and heard about this really cool package called SAS/OR (Operations Research). Within it, there’s a procedure called CLP, which does nothing short of programming voodoo. The CLP procedure is a finite-domain constraint programming solver for constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs) with linear, logical, global, and scheduling constraints. […]

Euler’s Identity; e^(i*pi)=-1

I really don’t understand why this isn’t taught to every first year calculus class in the country. It’s so elegant, and complex, and beautiful. An imaginary number combined with an irrational number combined with natural logarithm hocus pocus equals an integer!