Monthly Archives: September 2010

ii – A True Minimalist’s IRC Client

ii is probably my favorite IRC client that I don’t use. It’s written in under 500 lines of C code, and IO is all done through file handles, which writing an IRC bot is as simple as scanning stdin and piping output to a file. ii is a minimalist FIFO and filesystem-based IRC client. It […]

Easy Way to Remove All Variable Labels in SAS

The hard way to remove a label in SAS is to list out all of the labels one-by-one, like this data mylib.mydataset; set mylib.mydataset; label varA=”; label varB=”; label varC=”; run; But if you don’t know all of the variables ahead of time, or just want something cleaner/faster, you can do this proc datasets library=mylib […]

HDCP Cracked?

I doubt anyone has verified this (yet), but I remember the AACS censorship regarding HD DVD… sooooooo here’s your repost! HDCP MASTER KEY (MIRROR THIS TEXT!) This is a forty times forty element matrix of fifty-six bit hexadecimal numbers. To generate a source key, take a forty-bit number that (in binary) consists of twenty […]