Monthly Archives: January 2009

Enable mod_userdir for Apache2 on Ubuntu 8.10

To enable mod_userdir, so your server’s Apache httpd server will respond to requests like “”, use the a2enmod command, then restart Apache to pickup the change: sudo a2enmod userdir sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

.htaccess mod_rewrite Redirect Root / path to /blog directory

I’ve just setup an HTTP Redirect from to This makes it so people don’t see my ugly project listing when they come here, they go right to the blog. I still wanted people to be able to go to the root path, though, because a lot of times whenever I put some small […]

Double Nukes and Lucky Cylon Detection

I figured I’d start to write down the results of board games I play. Maybe once I have a lot of these collected, I could gather some statistics about it to answer a few questions like… Who always wins? Who always loses? Are we getting better at playing Humans? How often is Sean a Cylon? […]


When it comes to the environment and sustainability, your average hippie will want to live off the grid, farm their own food, and have a minimal if not zeroed carbon footprint. I find that throwing out any technological progress our civilization has made in the interest of the environment is wasteful. Technogaianism offers a much […]

Installing SAS 9.1.3 on Ubuntu Linux 8.10

It works. Just follow the instructions.

Installing SAS 9.1.3 on OpenBSD 4.3

It does not work.

Debugging Urllib2 in Python

I was having some trouble debugging an HTTP request using urllib2 in Python which did some unorthodox things with HTTP headers. The urllib2 module itself doesn’t have much debug facility. You can see response headers by looking at the hdrs attribute on the exception like this try: except urllib2.HTTPError, e: print e.hdrs But in […]

Jellyfish Lake

On one of the uninhabited pacific islands of Palau, there is a lake. Once upon a time this lake was connected to the sea. This connection closed and any predators still in the lake died soon after leaving native jellyfish isolated. The jellyfish stingers devolved to the point where they don’t sting human skin, making […]

Friends in 2008

The girl at has been doing these since 2001. I figured I should start now, if I’m to get similarly cool graphs. Summary of Top 10 Closest Friends at End of 2008

Backward for loop iteration in Python

So lately I’ve been hacking up Python on the self imposed restriction of running everything on a 450 MHz Pentium II. This way if I ever do anything less-than-optimal, it’s immediately obvious, and I don’t learn any bad habits. Then I came across the following optimization. >>> import os>>> for k, v in os.environ.items():… print […]