Monthly Archives: May 2008

Using a Materialized Path Model for Trees within OLTP Databases (part 1)

Databases are very very good at storing tabular, dimensional data; and in a world where everything is a spreadsheet (your finance department), this works very well. Often, though, there’s a need for an application to store and deal with a tree of data; such as in classification systems or management structures. The Library of Congress, […]

Hard Drive Backup via Amazon S3

Amazon has this nice service aptly named Simple Storage Service (abbreviated S3), where they aim to provide simple storage of data of arbitrary size, with high availability at consumer-level cost. It really is a nice design. And there’s a REST interface setup for me to store my data! And Jeremy Zawodny points out how using […]

Two notes about RESTful services

In RESTful protocols, HTTP methods correspond to actions on a resource. Most commonly the four HTTP methods PUT, GET, POST, and DELETE are used to implement CRUD actions. PUT vs. POST People often mistakenly equate POST with Update and PUT with Create. For an exact definition, check the HTTP 1.1 RFC, but generally speaking… PUT […]